What we do?

We apply Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence
to provide you with customized and fully automated solutions
that optimize processes, increase revenue and reduce costs of your business.

Our Data Science Team carries out audits of your existing solutions
and provides consulting to reach the best direction of development.
We also comprehensively execute whole AI projects on demand –
from analysis, through implementation, up to final launch
and maintenance.

Your AI project in three simple steps

  • Data Science<br />
Experience Workshops
    Data Science
    Experience Workshops

    One-day workshops and feasibility study

  • Development

    Model building and tests of your AI solution

  • Launch

    Implementation and technical support

Case Study

Robo-Advisory platform

Robo-Advisory platform

The aim of the project was to provide automated, algorithm-driven financial planning services with little to no-human supervision. The platform collects information from clients about their financial situation and future goals through an online survey, and then uses the data to offer advice and/or automatically invest client’s assets.

Robo-advisors are capable of handling sophisticated tasks e.g. investment selection and buying process optimisation. Before implementing robo-advisory, if clients wanted to execute a trade, they’d have to call or physically meet with a financial advisor, explain their needs, fill out the paperwork and wait. Now, all of that can be done with a few clicks in the comfort of one’s own home.

Robo-Advisory platform
Automated Candidate Placement in Recruiting

Automated Candidate Placement in Recruiting

The goal of the project was to construct a highly predictive statistical model which would be able to separate candidates who are more likely to leave job in short period of time from the rest. We have developed a Candidate Scoring based on attributes such as online questionnaire, total time taken, location, education, employment experience, age, referrer and position, behavioral data. We proposed changes to Test & Interview processes by introducing Dynamic Questionnaire Model.

Automated Candidate Placement in Recruiting
Integrated CRM, CMS, and Chatbot system

Integrated CRM, CMS, and Chatbot system

The aim was to develop a unified CRM/BI class system and integration with more than 3 thousand client’s CRM systems. The platform combines customer service system with the functionality of automating all communication processes – a complete customer management system for yellowpages clients, receiving data from websites and integration with CC clients.

Automation modules of outgoing communication to the end-customer (text messages, emails, phones) with the possibility of building behavior paths of clients through our intermediary can design communication to end-customers and fully automate it.

Integrated CRM, CMS, and Chatbot system

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