Data Enrichment

Enrich your databases with detailed information

We have created data hub to collect and integrate data that comes from various online & offline data sources. These processes enable us to provide effective data enrichment associated with users, as well as analysis and segmentation of obtained data.

Data Analytics

Get valuable insights for your business

We apply sophisticated mathematical methods which enable us to find unique and valuable indexes for business. Our algorithms are based on distributed set of data, different databases, efficient server centres and implemented in advanced computing frameworks.

Data Intelligence

Match and analyze data from multiple sources

Data Intelligence is the process of transforming data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into valuable insights for our clients. The analysis of various own and external data sources and their integration enables us to turn raw data into real business profits.

Private DMP

Create full profiles of your users

We provide an advanced platform to collect, enrich, analyze and manage data from all available sources in one place. All the data in DMP are unified which allows to build 360 degree user profile and therefore better understand the audience visiting your website or exposed to your online campaigns. Our technology employs predictive models to recommend products accordingly to customers needs and optimize campaign budget by setting the right target group.

TGD Audience

Extract and manage data from millions of scanned documents

IQ OCR is an intelligent character recognition and data extraction system.
It is addressed to both companies processing multimillion databases of scanned
documents, as well as to smaller organizations which want to use specific
information from their resources e.g. address, date, type of document,
document identifier, etc.

Our solution supports a number of standard document formats from different
industries and provides the most the most frequently used data in business
analysis. The scope of the extracted data in the documents and their output
format is tailored to the client’s needs. The high-quality data supports business
decisions and automates processes within organizations.

Skip Tracing & Cyber Tracking

Boost your data collection capacity

Our solutions enable to increase the efficiency of our clients data collection strategy. We automate the manual process of skip tracing and offer high performance along with capacity service that collects information about given individuals from multiple data sources.


Improve customer experience with intelligent assistant

We offer a range of intelligent online assistants for different industries, including: finance, insurance, recruitment or e-commerce sector. The main goal of our chatbots is to improve the quality of customer service and enable online business-customer interaction 24/7. Our proprietary recommendation system ensures that chatbot’s suggestions are tailored to customer’s individual needs. WiseBots can be customized with features accordingly to client’s business specifics.

Data Driven Marketing

Guide your marketing activities with data

We believe that marketing based on data means systematic collection, processing and integration of large amounts of information, as well as, proper analysis and drawing conclusions. Using this knowledge to deliver our clients the most effective marketing strategies is our top priority.