Data Science Experience Workshops

Don’t know how Data Science can help to grow your business? Don’t have your own Data Scientists or enough resources to develop AI projects? We invite you to our unique one-day Data Science Workshop!

During the meeting we map areas which have the highest potential for introducing intelligent solutions to automate business processes, increase revenues and reduce operating costs. After identifying key spots for improvement, we estimate the feasibility of the AI project and deliver a summary report.

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Team Augumentation or Outsourcing

Depending whether you have your own project team or you need competencies outside of internal resources – different form of cooperation will be right for your project. Before starting work on your AI solution, we will help you choose the optimal cooperation model.

Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation

Support for your in-house Data Science team

Select this type of cooperation when:

  • You already have a Data Science team, but you could use some extra help
  • Your team is ready to work along with external support
  • You need more control over the project


Book us to deliver an end-to-end solution Outsource Project.

Choose this type of cooperation when:

  • You do not have your own Data Science team
  • Your team does not have competencies required to carry out the project
  • Your team is busy developing other AI solutions

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Which Data Science Services do you need?

  • Data Science Experience Workshops
    Data Science Experience Workshops
  • Team Augmentation
    Team Augmentation
  • Outsourcing

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