We provide integrated services in the area of
Big Data analytics with strong emphasis on
by monetization of online data sets, aggregated by
businesses in their BI, CRM, ERP systems and
client’s applications.

We also offer our own Data Science services and AI solutions
which optimize business processes to derive real, financial
and organizational benefits from huge data sets.

Our Data Scientists provide consulting services for the FinTech
sector, especially banks, insurers and debt collection agencies.


  • Michał Grams

    President of the Board

    Entrepreneur, experienced manager and IT analyst. He led multiple complex projects in the field of business processes optimization (BPO), Business Intelligence and CRM for the customers representing lines of business including telecommunication, medical services and documents solutions, services and documents technology products. Graduated from Warsaw School of Information Technology and The George Washington University.

  • Paweł Brach

    Vice President of the Board

    Data scientist, co-founder of TogetherData. Expert in technologies related to the automation of business processes and marketing, with particular emphasis on Big Data analytics and machine learning. He advises fintech companies on their BI class systems optimizations, as well as reaping benefits from Big Data sets. Supports and develops business-automation trends in Polish companies. Teaching Assistant of computer science at the University of Warsaw, where he works with students.

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